"Spirit of St. Louis" The NYP - Spirit of St. Louis history project and replica

Currently, Dawn Patrol Aviation is constructing an exacting replica of Charles A. Lindbergh's Ryan NYP (New York to Paris) aircraft, the "Spirit of St. Louis". The reconstruction of this aircraft is being filmed in preparation for inclusion in a documentary on the most accurate and complete recounting possible of this famous aviation story. The reconstruction will tell of a 60 day design and engineering accomplishment, the significance and magnitude of which has never been fully told. The ingenuity of the designer and builders can finally be brought to light through this "re-building" of the "Spirit of St. Louis" by showing the smallest details of construction that goes to the heart of what "American know how" is all about.

Spirit Instrument Panel

Dawn Patrol Aviation is endeavoring to use the best and most accurate information available to tell the story of the men and the aircraft. This includes inspection of the actual "Spirit of St. Louis" at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. and review of all of the archival material there. When complete, the aircraft will be flown so that people will have an opportunity to experience the sound and sight of what the most famous aircraft of all time looked like in action.

Original photo of model NYP courtesy of the San Diego Aerospace Museum



Dawn Patrol Aviation would like to thank the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. for their assistance in this very important project. Inspecting the airplane (on-site at the National Air & Space Museuem, Washington D.C.) for the proposed television documentary on the original construction of the 'Spirit of St. Louis' (" The 60-day Wonder")

Lunkenheimer fuel manifold as used in the Ryan model NYP

NYP frame outside of Ryan Aircraft, San Diego, CA - 1927

Original instruments and hand fuel pump which are the same as the ones used in the Ryan model NYP


NYP wing to fuselage attach fittings before painting


After Painting


Iinstrument panel of the original Ryan NYP taken while the aircraft was being cleaned in 1976 at NASM's Garber facility

Courtesy S.D. Aerospace Museum/Donald Hall photograph


Current photo of the interior of the Spirit of St. Louis taken by Dawn Patrol Aviation staff at the NASM

Empennage section of original Ryan NYP 1927 photo courtesy of San Diego Aerospace Museum via Donald Hall





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